Shawnee State University is proud to be a participant in the Ohio IP Promise.

Shawnee State joins the State of Ohio and other universities in the Ohio Intellectual Property Promise. We are committed to engaging with other organizations in forming innovative partnerships for the betterment of our communities. This commitment includes establishing an easy-to-understand process for licensing intellectual property developed by participating colleges and universities here in Ohio. 


1. Flexible: provide industry choices for accessing intellectual property developed through sponsored research

2. 透明的: publish template sponsored research and license agreements

3. Simple: deliver fair and streamlined guidelines for faculty creator startups

4. Clear: communicate licensing processes on university websites in a clear, prominent way

5. Easy: provide well-defined university entry points for industry, investors, and entrepreneurs

6. Fast: reduce impediments that hinder the pace of transactions

Shawnee State University is committed to aligning with the guiding principles of The Ohio IP Promise:

·        灵活: Shawnee State University provides industry partners access to intellectual property developed through sponsored research options. 

·        清晰透明: Shawnee State University is publishing template-sponsored research and license agreements that will promote greater engagement with industry. 

Click here for copies of the templates for industry partners.

·        Simple: Shawnee State University encourages faculty members through a collaborative effort to pursue commercialization of their efforts.

Click here for guidelines to faculty IP ownership and licensing.

·        Easy: Industry, investors and entrepreneurs have access to Shawnee’s commercialization efforts through the University Tech Transfer Officer.  电子邮件查询应发送至

·        Fast: Shawnee State University is committed to working together and building a framework to speed the pace of transactions.

Learn more about SSU's innovation initiatives with business and industry:


欲了解更多信息,请联系 技术转让主任Adam J. Miller, Assistant Professor and Chair, SSU 工程技术:

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